Every time this event happened the price of Bitcoin soared more than 29 times!
It happened in 2012...It happened in 2016 ...
And it just happened again!

If you act fast, you could turn R1,000 into R25,000 in less than 12 months!

Dear fellow investor,

Strap yourself in…  

Because Bitcoin could start another huge climb in price.

From under $10,000… to as high as $100,000.


Because the exact same event that has TWICE sent Bitcoin soaring more than 29x…

Just happened again.

And insiders are expecting a massive rally because of it.

For example…

Billionaire Mike Novogratz expects it to double in six months…

Noting how “hedge funds and high net worth individuals who had never bought it before are buying it”.

Billionaire Tim Draper, an early investor in Skype, Tesla and Space X…

believes bitcoin could rise to $250k – in 6 to 12 months.

One of Germany’s top banks – Bayern LB…

… sees bitcoin rising more than ten times its value this year.

No wonder Forbes is suggesting that from this event:

A New Class Of Bitcoin Millionaires May Emerge”

But you might be sceptical about these extravagant claims.

And rightfully so.

So here’s some real facts.

Bitcoin has doubled since the middle of March…

Suddenly soaring towards $90,000…

And bringing the crypto market back to its pre-corona bull run.

And what’s REALLY special about all this…

Is that it has an uncanny resemblance to how everything unfolded when this same event happened in 2012… and in 2016.
So right now you could scoop up a nice little profit from this event.
So here’s what I’m going to do for you.
I’ll lay out all the facts so that you can see – with real proof…
That turning at least R1,000 into R25,000 from this event is a completely realistic goal for you.

And then you can make your own informed decision.
Because if there’s even a tiny chance that this event is once again a fortune-maker…
It’s sensible for you to AT LEAST look into it a bit more carefully.
You agree?
Now, before I get into the specifics of how you could profit big from this event (which is not investing in bitcoin only)…
Let me start with the first principle of all.
That is, you must first understand how to invest in crypto the smart way.
Here’s what I mean by that:
Invest a small amount.
Because cryptos are high-risk. It is a volatile and unregulated market. You need to go in with your eyes open and only with money you can afford to lose.
That’s the first thing you must understand.
And the second thing is...
It is not a secret. The May 12 event was not hidden.
It’s just that most people don’t know about it.

It’s called:


I don’t want to get too technical… because what’s really important for you is the impact this event has… not the computer-science behind it.
But I do think it’s very important you get your head around the basics – so you can grasp how significant it is.
So here’s the plain English version of what The Halving is:
New bitcoins have to be created – “mined” – by powerful computers.
And the people who “mine” get bitcoins in return. This is known as the “reward”.
When they first began mining in 2009, that reward was 50 new bitcoins every 10 minutes.
Then, in 2012, the first halving event happened and it cut that reward to 25 bitcoins.
That’s a supply shock. Less new bitcoins coming into the market.
Remember what happened to the price? It soared 9,141%.
It’s the oldest law of the financial markets. Low supply, high demand – price boom!
In 2016, the same thing happened again – the reward HALVED, to 12.5 bitcoins.
The result? The price rocketed 2,890%.
And on May 12, at approximately 2am, it happened once again.
Bringing down the reward to 6.25.
No-one can guarantee the price will explode like it has before. Of course not. But making a small speculation with money you can afford to lose seems like a no brainer to me. Because the potential to make a killing from the latest Halving is REAL.

So you need to make a few smart moves today to make sure you are in place to reap the possible upside to come.

I will show you how.
I’ll show you everything you need to know (and do) to bank a potential fortune from this hardcoded event.   
And if you follow my mantra – you could rake in huge gains from it:

“Be bold. Be smart. But be FAST!” 

That was my motto when I picked up bitcoin back in 2011 for just $12.
And it was my motto again when I bought Ripple (XRP) in 2015 – cashing out three years later with a 20,000% gain.

That’s a whopping upward move. But I didn’t bet the farm. Of course not. Cryptos are high-risk.
So I punted about $50 on Ripple. Down the line, I tapped out with a 20,000% gain.
That’s how to play cryptos the smart way.
Nothing in the financial markets – or in life – is guaranteed.
But when you look at what’s happened to the price twice before…
If you have some spare capital to speculate with…
This is a situation that should have you SALIVATING.  
If we see even half the price action we’ve seen before…
You could turn 1,000 into over R20k. Or R10,000 into R200,000.
You know your level and your risk appetite, I’ll leave your stake size to you.  
But a 1,500% move is probably on the conservative side…
Some crypto experts and insiders believe this hardcoded event could send bitcoin into the stratosphere.
Industry veteran Bobby Lee sees Bitcoin’s price reaching $333,000 in 2021…
Saying that “[Due to this event], [Bitcoin] was designed to be [super] valuable over time,”
Billionaire Zhao Dong, one of the biggest Bitcoin traders, predicts that it will hit $50,000 (also by 2021)...
And Raoul Pal – a former hedge fund manager and multi-millionaire – went on record to say:
“If I could only own one asset for the next ten years, it would be bitcoin.
It encapsulates all of my larger macro views and feels like the point on the far horizon we are headed to, in some shape or form. Yes, like gold too, and many other things… but bitcoin’s risk/reward beats all.”
That’s why he has 25% of his wealth in the digital asset.
Look, I’m no fortune-teller, but I know bitcoin.
It’s multiplied more than eight times since the first ‘supply shock’ event. It’s been a rollercoaster ride but if you can see past all the hysteria about bitcoin, here’s its journey on a logarithmic scale:

Source: Coinmarketcap.com

What you’re looking at – with the mania tuned out – is the rise of a revolutionary financial asset.
One that – according to Brave New Coin – has beaten out every major investment classes over the last decade.

Source: Forbes

Ultimately, with the next supply shock imminent… what’s next could be even more exciting…
I believe it will eventually sail past $100,000 a coin.
And a good chance it could sail past $200k. Past even $300k.
And the forthcoming supply shock is a pivotal moment for its ascendancy to those dizzying heights.
My view on all this is what you’d call a ‘generational call’…
I’m in on bitcoin and the crypto market for the long-run. You may be different. And that’s what I love about this market.
If you move now – I think you could smash and grab yourself a tidy gain.
Or if you’re like me, and you see the rise of cryptos as an epic money revolution, you’ll want to have a stake in its potentially enormous rise. Perhaps all the way past $350,000.
We have seen bitcoin double during the worst crisis since the Great Depression. That’s impressive.  
And even more so with the economy collapsing like a house of cards.
But I believe that it’s just getting started. And those who move now could be counting the real, mind-bending gains.
The sooner you move, the bigger the possible gains for you.
That means right now is still one of the best moments to steal in – before the price really starts to rocket.
Look at what happened in 2016…

As you can see, it’s the same pattern…
The price creeps up in anticipation of the event…
And then explodes afterwards.

As I have shown you…
On the two previous times this HALVING has occurred, it has created an eruption in Bitcoin’s price.
How high do I think Bitcoin could go?
Look – here’s how I see it:
As I said, I believe bitcoin could ultimately ascend to over $300k a coin. And every time the supply of new coins is halved… I think it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a major price run.
It’s important you go into this market with your eyes open and understand it. It’s volatile. That means daily or weekly prices can rise and fall like a wave machine at a water park.
It’s not regulated like the stock market. So you don’t have the protection of schemes like the Financial Ombudsman Service or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
If you lose money in the crypto market, you have no recourse for getting your money back.
That’s why you always follow the golden rule of only using money you can afford to lose when making a strategic speculation on cryptos.
That’s true of any investment you make.
Are the risks worth it? For me, no doubt about it!
If you’re sensible, and you make the right calls, you can raid this market for potentially enormous rewards…
And the recent HALVING – in my view – makes it all the more likely.
See, unlike fiat money (that’s the notes in your wallet), bitcoin’s supply is set in stone. It can’t be ‘printed’ like the US Dollar or the twenty rand notes in your wallet.
There’ll only ever be 21 million bitcoins in existence – that’s it.
No one will be able to “create more”.
Not the banks, the Government or some tech company… no one.
In fact, as of 27th May, 87.55% of bitcoins have already been created…

87.44% Bitcoins have already been created

…the dynamic here is clear. And one that should get you very excited (if you grab a stake PRONTO).
Bitcoin is moving from the margins to the mainstream… just when the supply of new coins is being HALVED
We’re seeing a wave of institutional money flood into cryptos:

  • $1trn giant APPLE just has launched a special ‘crypto kit’ for app developers
  • GOOGLE – early crypto adopters the Winklevoss twins believe we will see “Google Coin” by 2021… followed by major crypto projects from all the FAANG stocks. 
  • SAMSUNG has released a fully integrated crypto wallet into its latest Galaxy phones – some of the most popular smartphone devices in the world
  • The world’s 6th largest bank – JP MORGAN – is already settling financial contracts using crypto technology… and is widely rumoured to be developing a digital US Dollar
  • SANTANDER has released an international payment app using crypto technology.
  • In January, $50 billion asset manager VanEck published a report defining Bitcoin as having monetary value, rather than intrinsic value…

These heavy-weights are going to put a premium on the remaining amount of bitcoin.
They are going to want to get their hands on vast amounts of it.
In other words, demand is rising through the roof… and the supply is finite…
That is the perfect storm for another outrageous bitcoin price run.
And the HALVING is the starting pistol!

You are getting a shot at tapping into EXPONENTIAL growth…

Don’t blow it! 

Six years ago, there were only 1,800 businesses accepting bitcoin payments.
Today there’s 15,877… which means that…
The adoption rate has increased by 782% over the last 6 years.
But take a look at the increase of “bitcoin wallet” users since 2011.

As you can see, the amount of people buying and storing bitcoin does nothing but to go up.
How significant is this rapid growth of cryptocurrencies?
Well, without some context, it’s hard for you to really ‘get it’.
So I’d like to show you something powerful.
Here’s a chart showing you the growth of internet users during the early phase of its adoption:

Let’s ‘zoom in’ to put this growth in some context we can all understand…

Let’s look at the growth of the internet in 1990-1995… and compare that to where we are now with the growth of cryptocurrency adopters (2014-2018):

You can see we’re on the same outrageous growth curve.
From that perspective, it’s like were in 1994 and we have the chance to invest in the rise of the internet.
The scale of the opportunity at your feet today is enormous.
The charts above show you that demand could erupt dramatically over the next few years…
Whilst supply is ever-shortening.
This is a dream scenario for you to swoop in and potentially profit!
Move fast and it could make you a ton of money –if you play it right.
Let me show you how to do that.
Because to understand cryptocurrency – and take maximum possible advantage of this erupting market:
You don’t need a degree in economics.
You don’t need millions or even thousands of pounds of risk capital to make a potential fortune.
You don’t need to know how to read patterns or learn any jargon…
All you need to do is:

Read this book as FAST as you bloody can!

I’d like to rush you a digital copy of my book, Crypto Revolution, right away.
Inside you will find everything you need to understand about Crypto.

I’ll show you how to take maximum – potentially life-changing – advantage of it.
I’ve shown you that bitcoin could be on the verge of a price explosion.
So you COULD run away right now and load up on it.
I think you’d do well out of it, no question.
But there’s a right way and a wrong way to invest in crypto.
I’d like to show you my own tried and tested methods…
How to avoid all the mistakes most people make…
How to enter this market the savvy way to keep your bitcoin as safe as possible…
And how to make smart speculations on the other cryptos that could ignite as the Halving draws potentially millions of investors into the market.
Because, I’ll share with you something that shocks a lot of people:

Bitcoin is not my #1 pick on the crypto market.

Yes, I think everyone should hold some bitcoin.
It’s what I call ‘the bluechip crypto’. And it has huge growth ahead – I am very confident about that.
Everything I have shown you today tells me bitcoin has an incredible future.
But if you’re looking for an even bigger potential gain.
I’m talking about the chance to ride a long-term 22,000% explosion… I’ll share with you the name of the coin I am backing to eclipse bitcoin in my book.
I call this crypto ‘The Coin King’. And in my book you will soon see why.
It has the potential to become a platform for business and innovation to rival the internet… and even eclipse bitcoin as the market-leading cryptocurrency.
That’s why it counts Amazon, Microsoft, and JP Morgan as partners.
And why billionaire investor Tyler Winklevoss is a massive supporter of it.
In fact, it was one of the crypto investments that helped him make around $350 million in profit.
Forbes released a report of the top 50 billion-dollar companies trying to integrate cryptocurrencies into their operations…
And HALF of them are working with the company behind this crypto.
With the likes of Facebook, Intel, BBVA, Citigroup, Banco Santander...
You’ll be looking at the chance to make a killing over the long term with this crypto.
Of course, no investment is guaranteed.
And it has all the same associated risks as bitcoin.
All cryptos are extremely volatile. There’s no shying away from that – their prices swing wildly. Whilst there is great opportunity here, some cryptos will crash and burn completely.
You also need to make sure any cryptos you own are held securely. If the platform you use disappears or you lose your crypto because it isn’t stored securely, you will have no way of getting your money back.
And best of all: I think we’re still on the ground floor with the ‘Coin King’ I reveal in it.
The mainstream have yet to pile in.
And if you move now, and are comfortable with the risks, that gives you the chance to secure long-range returns like…

  • R500 into R110,000k
  • R100 into R22,000
  • And R2,000 into R440,000

The timing – for you – could not be better!
The last time this supply shock event happened…
This “coin king” also increased in value by 12,483% over just 18 months.
Even more than bitcoin! Will it happen again? I wouldn’t bet against it. In fact, if you have some ‘punt money’ – risk capital you can safely afford to lose – I think a speculation on this coin king is well worth it.
In my book, you’ll get the name of that crypto… my full professional analysis on why it could rise to become the #1 crypto in the world…
And my full insight into the entire cryptocurrency landscape. 

It’s all in my book – which is in the hands of more than 40,000 people worldwide. 

Here’s what they say about it:

“This book will give you the knowledge you MUST have to understand how cryptocurrencies will change our world.” – CDW

“A good primer for Cryptocurrencies & also tells you how to get started.” – Gary

“Such a wealth of information about something that could make you wealthy and how to go about it.” – DS

“Read this book about crypto currencies and it will open your eyes to a whole new way of making investments.” – D SHUTE

I’ll be blunt. I think this book could help make you a fortune from cryptos in the future.
And I don’t think anything should stand in your way. I’ve been sounding the call for cryptocurrency investment longer than any financial analyst I know.
I think every investor needs to get clued up on this erupting asset class.
So much so, I’m willing to knock the cost of getting a digital copy of this book right down to R99.95.
R99.95 gets you your own personal digital copy, if you’re quick.
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Getting this book in your hands as fast as possible is paramount.

Claim your copy now. For just R99.95!

I know that some people think the boat has sailed on crypto.

They think it's TOO LATE to make life-changing money from this phenomenon.

Or they won’t consider that, while stock markets are in the red…

  • Bitcoin is up 23% year to date (YTD)
  • YTD the wider crypto market is up 30%
  • And the ‘coin king’ that I reveal in my book is up a staggering 63% YTD

Or they simply won’t be bothered to take the time to understand what’s happening.

More fool them!

Because I believe they are going to miss out on the most exciting tech story of our lifetimes…

And the single biggest wealth explosion in history.

But not you!

Not if you…


Whether you have invested in Bitcoin before…
Or you are a complete ‘crypto newbie’…
I have written this book to expand your understanding of this world-changing technology…

To hand you the practical know-how you need to dip your toe into the market using my own tried-and-trusted approach.

And with the most recent Halving… the time to get up to speed is now!

The train has not left the station but it is moving!

Claim your copy today and you will discover:

  • How to set up your ‘crypto wallet’
  • How to buy, sell and store your cryptos safely – using your home computer or smartphone
  • Why blockchain tech is going to be more influential than the internet
  • Why China are going ‘all in’ on cryptos
  • How this financial crisis, as Forbes recently said, could mint a wave of crypto-millionaires
  • Why increasing financial controls all over the world will see the crypto network grow exponentially over the coming ten years
  • The name of the “coin king” that could help you turn R100 into R22,000

This book is your guide to position yourself – the smart way.

And I have found a way to get it in your hands instantly…

Start reading this book in the next
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I almost forgot…
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Sam Volkering
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